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Medical Certificates 

From 1 January 2021, all EU PART-FCL and EU PART-ATCO Licences and EU PART MED and EU PART ATCO MED medical certificates for which the UK is the State of Licence Issue (SOLI) will be considered to be UK licences and UK medical certificates.

It is the CAA’s understanding that medical certificates for which a non-UK EU state is the SOLI issued by a UK AME before 31 December 2020 will only be recognised as valid until their natural expiry, or the pilot/ATCO suffers a decrease in medical fitness when they will have to consult an EU-certificated AME (in consultation with the EU SOLI).

From 1 January 2021, UK-certified AME issued UK PART.MED medical certificates will no longer be legally valid for use with non-UK issued EU licences. They may only then be used for validation of UK PART FCL and UK PART ATCO licences.

During the UK ‘Recognition’ Period from 1 January 2021 

The Statutory Instrument produced by the UK Government relating to the aircrew and ATCO regulations inter alia includes a ‘recognition’ period during which EU licences (i.e. non-UK SOLI), approvals and medical certificates will be ‘recognised’ for the remainder of their validity, or for up to two years, whichever is the shorter (provided they are not suspended or revoked).

Therefore, for medical examinations performed by EU AMEs from 1 January 2021, the medical certificates issued by them will only be ‘recognised’ by the UK (for validation of UK licences) if the AME approval certificate was valid prior to 31 December 2020, and had not expired or been suspended or revoked when the medical examination was performed. AMEs are generally approved by EU NAAs for a period of up to three years, so a number of them will have EU approval certificates that expire during the two-year ‘recognition’ period. When they revalidate, they will obviously continue to be able to issue EU medical certificates, but these will not be ‘recognised’ by the UK.

When performing such medicals for applicants with UK licences, EU AMEs will have to include a copy of their current approval certificate together with all the medical examination reports and tests to the UK CAA to prove that they are recognised to do the medical. Applicants should emphasise this to the AME, as non-compliance may result in the examination/ certificate not being considered valid.

After the UK ‘Recognition’ Period ends on 31 December 2022 

From 1 January 2023 all EU licences and EU medical certificates will no longer be recognised for UK licences. Licence holders will need a UK PART FCL Licence and UK PART MED Medical Certificate to fly G-registered aircraft, and separately an EU PART FCL Licence and EU PART MED Medical Certificate for EU licence privileges. (Similarly for ATCO licence holders with Class 3 medical certificates.)


COVID-19 changes:

N.B. Due to COVID-19 I am no longer able to operate from Langford Medical Practice and am opening at Charlbury Medical Centre [OX7 3PQ] from 13 August 2020. After a gentle start, I will be open on Monday and Thursday afternoons as shown on the booking availability. Please note the following rules when attending for an appointment:


For your safety, the safety of our patients and our staff, we kindly request you adhere to the following:

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment – if you arrive a little early for your appointment, please wait in the car until it is your time.
  • We request anyone coming into our building is wearing a face mask or face covering – you will not be allowed in without one. Please discuss in advance with your doctor if this will not be possible.
  • Ring the doorbell at your designated appointment time and state you have an appointment with Michelle Sullivan and Dr Richard Jones.
  • Michelle will greet you at the front door and check your temperature.
  • If your temperature is greater than 37.8°C, you have a persistent cough or other symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, you will be turned away and asked to rebook your appointment for another day.
  • Please follow the latest UK Government advice regarding quarantine rules if you are travelling outside of the UK (

Please download a copy of the application form Med 160 and complete it prior to your arrival.


Please note:

  • For all Class 2 initial appointments, a Med 162 ophthalmology form will be required  to be completed by your optician prior to the medical.

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