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There’s a requirement for a medical self-declaration form to be completed prior to the medical examination being conducted. This is done on a form Med 160 which along with the instructions for completion can be downloaded below. Please complete the MED160 prior to attending. If you wear spectacles with a prescription of more than +2 or -2 dioptres then you may periodically be required to provide a more detailed optical report on a form Med 162 which can be downloaded with its instructions for completion below.

You will be met by my nursing team after arriving at the practice and they will help you with any problems in completing the form. They will then ask for a routine urine sample for testing and we generally advise you to avoid strenuous exercise or excessively high-G aerobatic flying for 24 hours prior to your medical as this can occasionally adversely affect the test.

The nurse will then complete more routine observations and record any additional tests and then I will complete the remainder of the examination.


 MED160 with Instructions

 MED162 with Instructions